Mullets For Mental Health September

Our Team came together to support Mullets for Mental Health this September. In 2020 alone, Mental Health challenges us more than ever. It is the single largest cause of Disability in Australia. Therefore 1 in 5 of us will experience symptoms of mental illness throughout the year. That means there are about 5 million people affected in this country alone. Only 40% of these people will actually seek help and this number needs to change.

Raising Awareness for Mental Health

Employees Michael, Tom, Joel, Jake and Aiden grew mullets to support mental health awareness and exceeded the funding goal of $3000 by $862. In other words, we are very proud of this outcome. As well of one of our participants who joined in and raised an impressive $1000 by himself.
These funds will help the Black Dog Institute provide resources to access mental health services online, you can follow these up here.

By 2030, mental health will possibly to be one of the leading causes of illness. This will continue to impact our society and it will not only cost a lot of money, but a lot of lives. With the pandemic still on the rise and our society changing into new ways it is important to access these services easily as well as online. Therefore the Black Dog Institute is stepping in where help is needed and providing amazing resources.

Mullets for Mental Health
Tom Clayton supporting Mullets for Mental Health

Watch this video to learn more:

Donating money to this cause is a great way to support mental health awareness. To read up on how the institute utilises the funds, click here.

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